Published on:

23 September 2021

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We are keeping the Haitian people in our thoughts following the destruction and suffering caused by the August 2021 earthquake and Tropical Storm Grace.

Here we offer a brief environmental summary of key issues to support a robust and resilient recovery and reconstruction process.

Key environmental issues:
— Short-term weather conditions should be monitored and plans developed to protect displaced individuals from additional hazards such as flooding and landslides.
— The humanitarian footprint must neither overburden local natural resources nor reduce the level of support that disaster survivors can acquire through their own efforts.
— With relief aid generating waste, paired with disruption to health care waste disposal, systems for safely processing waste should be actively addressed.
— Effectively managing debris is essential for the recovery process.
— Temporary shelter efforts should be designed to allow owners to move the materials to another location.
— Survivors need a combination of income generation options to speed up recovery and improve environmental conditions.
— Expanded food production and cash assistance programs are necessary.