Chap. 2 How to Use the Flood Green Guide


Chapter Summary

This chapter describes a Flood Green Guide Framework (the framework) that corresponds with the structure of the Flood Green Guide chapters and is organized similar to a basic project cycle consisting of five stages:

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Each chapter provides supporting tools (tables and worksheets) to help the user gather and organize information to move through the cycle and make informed decisions about the selection and use of flood management methods. Each stage within the framework involves multiple steps, including what the guide refers to as process steps.

Please be aware, however, that the Flood Green Guide and the framework are not designed as a decision tree or decision support system (DSS) with specific quantifiable outcomes. Instead, the framework details key steps and information requirements managers should study and consider when selecting natural and nature-based methods for a given flood management project. The framework instructs users to do the following:

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As described in the introduction, the Flood Green Guide provides basic information about a range of flood management methods categorized into three types: natural and nature-based (soft or sometimes called "green" methods), hard engineering (sometimes called "gray" or hard methods), and non-structural methods. The guide describes the comparative advantages and disadvantages of various methods and discusses how combinations of these methods can complement each other and maximize social and environmental co-benefits.

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