WWF GRRT Trainings in Nepal Support Implementation of Rapid Environmental Assessment

BY EDM | 27 MAY 2016
Hundreds of people in Nepal have been trained in green recovery.

The Nepal earthquake on April 25, 2015 and its aftershocks resulted in huge loss of life, injury, and economic damage. In the aftermath of the earthquake the government of Nepal commissioned a Rapid Environmental Assessment (REA) with the objective of promoting an environmentally responsible reconstruction process. WWF-Nepal, with funding from USAID, supported the Nepal Ministry of Science, Technology and Environment (MOSTE) to mobilize experts to conduct assessments, working with members from both the humanitarian response and development community. The REA identified direct impacts, and also many potential risks to the environment from reconstruction that could lead to future risk for local communities.

To support the implementation of the REA recommendations, WWF has held 12 GRRT workshops (with 10 more planned), that trained over 500 people on how to integrate the environment into recovery and reconstruction. Trainings have included members from the Nepal Department of Urban Development and Building Construction (DUDBC), District Disaster Relief Committees, the water and sanitation sector, as well as engineers, architects, and the media.

Download the full Nepal Rapid Environmental Assessment

For more information visit the WWF Hario Ban Program


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